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H-6722 Hungary, Szeged, Egyetem street nr. 2.. Tel.: +36-62-544418, 544423 fax: +36-62-544418

e-mail: relstud@rel.u-szeged.hu, vtszeged@gmail.com


In 1999, the University of Szeged (formerly József Attila University) started a major in religion and established the Department of Religious Studies at the Faculty of Arts. Theoretical and educational activities aimed at establishing this field of research began in 1996 at the Faculty of Arts of the Attila József University under the leadership of the Applied Religious Studies Research Group, which can be considered the predecessor of today’s department. Both the launch of the major program in religious studies and the establishment of the Department of Religious Studies are of revolutionary importance in the history of Hungarian science. Such a program and department did not exist in the Hungarian higher education system before that. Founder of the department: prof. dr. dr. Máté-Tóth András

Research and publications

The department is specialised on several topics of religious studies, with a special focus on religious pluralism in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe (especially the Balkan area), festival-religion (event religion), materiality of religion in antiquity and mysticism.

Major projects in the last years (2018-2023): Convivence Project on religious pluralism (2019-), Danubian Religion on Roman religious communication in the Danubian provinces (2018-2022), Valláscooltúra Project (2022), Metahistories of antiquity and the Romanian Orthodox Church (2022-2025) and Festival religion. In the last 12 years, the department published more than 490 publications (52 books) and had 950 citations. Full publication list of the members of the department: MTMT and academia.edu.

Permanent staff of the department

Head of the department: dr. Réka Szilárdi associate professor (psychology of religion, neopagan movements in Hungary, festival-religion)

prof. dr. dr. András Máté-Tóth university professor, founder of the department (religion in Central-Eastern Europe, sociology of religion, Catholic theology)

dr. Csaba Szabó assistant professor (Religion in the Roman world, Roman cult of Mithras, materiality of religion in antiquity, reception of antiquity in Romania).

drd. Zsuzsanna Szugyiczki assistant lecturer (mysticism, religious experience, Modernity)

dr. Tibor Porció, assistant professor (in leave)

The department collaborates with several associated lecturers and researchers from Szeged, Budapest and Cluj-Napoca as well and had several teaching fellows from CEEPUS and Erasmus mobilities from Romania, Austria, Germany, Spain and Slovakia.